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DASHA ART fotograf ślubny

O mnie

DASHA is a world-class art photographer from Belarus who over the past 7 years has achieved high heights in her direction. She created her own genre, which is a mix between fashion photography and art photography with a deep imagination of the image. She calls this style emotional creativity. Dozens of prizes in the most ambitious photo contests in the world, exhibition activities and, as it has already become known, DASHA will present Belarus art zone at the Dubai EXPO 2020 with a personal exhibition.DASHA is glad to make exclusive photographs for you in the following genres: portrait, fashion, creative, advertising, fashion children.


Moje usługi

Moje usługi

Fotografia ślubna cena: 1500 zł - DASHA ART
Pakiet 1
Studio photography of weddings in a minimalistic fashion style. Photos that will always look beautiful.
We are not tied to weather and time. In the photo studio, we create real art.
Development of ideas.
Preparing for a photo session.
Two hours of shooting in a photo studio and we get
2 portraits - for the groom
4 portraits for the bride
5 photos of a couple
5 pictures of guests

you can always order more photos. 


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